PCP Detox and Rehab

PCP belongs to a family which is filled with hallucinogens. It is a pretty addictive drug that can lead to a lot of tolerance within a short amount of time. It is this tolerance which incites the person to go for larger doses each and every dose inserted into the body. This is the primary reason why PCP users get addicted pretty soon to this drug. Once an individual actually get addicted to PCP, there is a definitive need for them to undergo detox at the earliest possible opportunity.

So what exactly is PCP?

Notably known as a synthetic drug that is applied to cigarettes or even snorted, PCP is a bitter tasting white crystalline powder that has been certified as a pretty harmful drug by the National Drug Intelligence Centre. Any addiction to this drug can result in delusions as well as behavior that are irrational. It also leads to a lot of undue agitation in the person.

The street name for PCP is rocket fuel, peace pill and angel dust. The use of this drug induces a certain sense of distortion in the sounds and colors that a person experiences. Some of the symptoms of using PCP include;

  1. Relaxation
  2. Blurry vision
  3. Temporary amnesia
  4. Apparent confusion
  5. Excitement
  6. Delusions
  7. Salivation
  8. Fever

The main issue with predicting the symptoms of PCP is that it is pretty unreliable. It can affect every other person differently. Since it is manufactured illegally, you might not know the exact content of each and every drug ingested by the person. If the dosage is pure, it can lead to fatal consequences.

PCP detox and proper treatment

In order to get a person to completely recover from the usage of PCP, there would need to undergo successful detox treatment. The recovery does not need to be done in seclusion, but there are various treatment centers that can help you to monitor your progress with the help of medical professionals. Supervise treatment shall be provided for 24 hours, and you might also be allowed to return home every night, depending upon the policies of the treatment center. These are perfect solutions for individuals that have just started using PCP, and would want to get rid of it from their body.

For the people with serious addiction, inpatient treatment is ideal. It is at such treatment facilities that people will be able to completely remove any kind of drug usage from their bloodstream without any type of problems. It can also allow for the individual to receive treatment in an environment that is free from any kind of stress.

When you are suffering from one or more addiction, notably PCP and alcohol, then you would need to get the exact treatment to help you get over the addiction problem. There are many that suffer from PCP and alcohol addiction at the same time, and they would need separate medications to take care of the withdrawal symptoms for PCP as well as for the cravings of alcohol.

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