How long does drug rehab last?

According to the latest reports comprising the drug rehab treatment centers, the time-frame required for a person to get better is dependent upon the current dependency on the drug. Normally, 90 days or more is always suggested to patients that have the maximum dependency, and are hard-core drug addicts. This is basically done to ensure that over a period of time, the drug can be released from the bloodstream, and the cravings and withdrawal symptoms can be taken care of through medicinal therapies.

Things to note when seeking the time-frameĀ for drug rehabs

  1. Assessment on the amount of addiction that the patient has is primarily important to understand the time-frame necessary to cure the person of the addiction. For example, if the person is on the verge of breakdown due to the drug addiction, then he/she would need at least a few months before they can get back on their feet, completely devoid of any dependency on the drugs. Such assessment shall be done by expert medical practitioners, counselors, and therapists will also come into the picture to gauge the mental state of the patient.
  2. The treatment plans of the detox center also play a vital role in the treatment of the patient within a particular time frame. If the process is pretty rigorous and has a proper foundation to take care of drug addicts, then a considerably less amount of time will be necessary to get rid of the drugs in the body of the drug addict. When managed by medical professionals, the withdrawal symptoms can be pretty comfortable, and hence the person would feel less pain. Moreover, it is during the detoxification process that there is a need for proper medical care to be administered to the patient.
  3. Residency programs for inpatient treatment facilities also give you a correct understanding on the time taken for drug detox to be completed. For example, many treatment centers have a time-frame of 30 days, 45 days, 60 days or 90 days in order to help the person get rid of drug dependency. Insurance coverage also plays a vital role in keeping the person for a certain period of time. If there are long-term rehab programs, then it can last anywhere between nine months to a whole year. These programs are definitely recommended for people that have been coming in and out from incarceration centers charged with drug abuse as well as selling and possessing drugs.
  4. Many drug treatment centers also make use of a 12 step program. However, this takes the maximum time, and hence is also mostly undertaken by people that are hard-core drug addicts and want to get rid of that lifestyle. It also demands a long-term sobriety, which is the ultimate goal, and therefore there are regular meetings as well as working with a sponsor to take care of this issue.

At the end of the day, the primary purpose is to get rid of the drug addiction, and not the time taken for that to happen effectively.

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