Arizona DUI Attorneys: AZ DUI Laws, Charges You May Face When Caught Drinking and Driving

Arizona DUI Attorneys: AZ DUI Laws, Charges You May Face When Caught Drinking and Driving

For individuals arrested for drunk driving, it’s definitely a scary and stressful time. In many cases, it’s a major wake up call for those locked up and faced with finding a DUI attorney. It’s not easy fighting these type of charges and it’s definitely necessary to research the best attorneys when facing jail time.

Arizona DUI Laws

When it comes to Arizona DUI laws, the penalties range depending on the type of charges, as well as the Defendant’s previous record. A previous charge within the past seven years will affect the defendant’s current arrest. However; with a first offense, the sentence is much lighter.

First Offense, Arizona DUI Laws

With a clean felony record, a first offense will range from 10-180 days in jail (a minimum of 10 consecutive days). However; the court may possibly suspend 9 days if the individual agrees to taking an alcohol and drug like suboxone rehab and attend some type of alcohol treatment.

The Importance of Hiring an Arizona DUI Attorney

Hiring an Arizona DUI attorney is often essential, as the laws are not easy to face alone. Those arrested for drunk driving in a first offense will still face a large amount of fines adding up to approximately $1800 dollars, not including jail costs. The MVD will also suspend the individual’s license for 90 days. It’s also common for individuals to be placed on probation for up to five years. Last, the court will also order a Ignition Interlock Device to be placed in the individual’s vehicle for 12 months after the reinstatement of the defendant’s license.

Facing a Second Offense DUI

Laws are quite tough on those arrested for drunk driving on a second offense. Arizona DUI attorneys are very much needed in a situation where an individual is facing a charge for the second time.

Arizona DUI Laws, Hiring an Arizona DUI Attorney for Second Offense

Those facing drunk driving charges on a second offense will need a reputable attorney. The jail time will range between 90-180 days, with a minimum of 90 consecutive days in jail. It’s possible to get 60 out of 90 days suspended after successfully completing alcohol treatment and counseling.

Fines for Second Offense DUI, Arizona DUI Laws

Those arrested for drunk driving on a second offense, the fines are much greater and often add up to approximately $3500 dollars, not including the jails costs. Jail costs often add up to thousands of dollars aside from the costs of fines. Having a reputable Arizona DUI attorney can be essential when facing charges for a second offense.

Aside from jail time and fines, the individual’s license will be revoked for an entire year. The probation time can be 5 years and the individual must often attend several sessions of “Mothers Against Drunk Drivers.” There will also be a Ignition Interlock Device placed on the individual’s vehicle for a minimum of 12 months after the individual’s license reinstatement.

Finding a Reputable Arizona DUI Attorney

With an Extreme DUI, the fines, jail time and overall Arizona DUI penalties get even worse. It’s not easy facing any charges for drunk driving, however; hiring a reputable attorney is often key to getting the minimum charges. There are many Arizona DUI attorneys available to fight for individuals arrested for drunk driving. It’s best for defendant’s to research various attorneys online and meet with several attorneys before choosing the right one.

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