Advice for People Considering Addiction Treatment at Thamkrabok

Advice for People Considering Addiction Treatment at Thamkrabok

Wat Thamkrabok is an addiction treatment facility located in Thailand. This temple detox is highly regarded by the local population and in recent years there has been an increase in the number of individuals arriving from Western countries. Many of the foreigners who come to Wat Thamkrabok have tried other options and now see the Thai temple as their last chance.

Does Thamkrabok Temple Detox Work?

The temple monks are quick to point out that this is not a miracle cure and the complete willingness to change is vital if the attendee is to have any chance of recovery. They make it clear that Wat Thamkrabok cannot cure any addict who does not really want to be cured, but those who bring along enough willingness will find plenty of help available. The temple has a great reputation for getting people safely through detox and then providing them with tools that they can use for the rest of their life in recovery.

One of the most discussed aspects of the Thamkrabok temple detox is the vomiting ceremony. This occurs in the evenings of the first five days of admission and the purpose is to speed along the withdrawal symptoms; some addicts also claim that it is a humbling experience that further breaks down their barriers to recovery. Vomiting is caused by a herbal concoction which is unique to the temple and acts as an emetic.

The most unique aspect of the treatment at Wat Thamkrabok is the satja. This vow can only be taken once and so patients only get one shot at the temple detox; this contrasts sharply with the revolving door aspect of many of the treatment facilities in the West.

Things to Consider About Wat Thamkrabok

Making the decision to travel to Thailand should not be taken lightly. There are some things that addicts should probably consider before booking a flight.

  • Patients will have little contact with the outside world during their stay; mobile phones are confiscated.
  • Individuals are expected to give 48 hours notice before arriving at the temple. It is also important to check before arriving as Wat Thamkrabok closes for a few weeks every year.
  • The treatment at the temple is free but patients should have enough money to pay for food and toiletries. It is usual for individuals to make a donation to the temple at the end of their stay. There are different agencies around the world that can help people travel to Thamkrabok but there is no requirement to use any third agency. There may be some costs involved with using these services but any requests for donations prior to arriving at the temple should probably be viewed with caution.
  • Anyone staying at the temple will be expected to follow the rules and respect local customs.
  • Although Wat Thamkrabok is a Buddhist temple there is no requirement for attendees to be Buddhist; there are no attempts at conversion.

Wat Thamkrabok may not be a viable option for every addict, but the availability of another alternative has been viewed positively by many of those hoping to escape substance abuse.

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